Vlaeykensgang Alley, the Secret of Antwerp

December the 3rd. Here we are again, to show you one of the probably most charming secrets of all Belgium: the Vlaeykensgang Alley, whose name comes from the flemish word "vlaai", a typical cake of the region. In the heart of our beloved Antwerp, you can find this little piece of medieval that, unnoticed among the … Continue reading Vlaeykensgang Alley, the Secret of Antwerp

Cinque Terre: 5 lovely Villages

November the 5th. We want to take advantage of this long summer to recommend you a trip that, for sure, you all have in mind. Cinque Terre is another of the treasures of Italy, and influencers have shown us already photographs about these coloured houses in front of the changeable color of the sea. 5 … Continue reading Cinque Terre: 5 lovely Villages